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    6/6/2009 · What is the average speed of a tornado? ... of the tornado (probably moving at about ... for the average wind speed of a tornado because winds ...

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    7/20/2009 · • Fastest ground speed ... • The average tornado moves from southwest to northeast, but tornadoes have been known to move in every direction.

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    The average forward speed of a tornado is 30 mph but it may vary from stationary to 70mph. Although tornadoes occur in many parts of the world, ...

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    Slow-moving funnels, ... The Netherlands has the highest average number of recorded tornadoes per area of ... The highest wind speed ever measured in a tornado, ...

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    5/29/2014 · Subject: G16) What is the average forward speed of a hurricane? ... The forward speed of hurricanes is very latitude ... Hurr. vs Tornado. Links of Interest.

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    ... it is called a tornado. The tornado's high-speed ... Most tornadoes travel from the southwest to northeast with an average speed ... A storm system moving ...

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    What is the Average forward speed of a tornado? ... What is the average forward speed for a tornado? The average tornado moves at about 30 miles per hour.

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    What's the difference between a tornado and ... The McColl tornado in March 1984 (moving from the McColl S.C ... The average speed of a tornado is around 35 ...

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    F0 - Minor Tornado - Wind speed up to 72 mph ... -Roof shingles peeled back, moving automobiles pushed off roads. Note: Sycamore Twp. photo is typical F1 damage.

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    Severe Weather 101 Frequently Asked ... We're not really sure what the highest wind speed might be inside a tornado, ... The average is about five minutes.