1. Macroeconomics - Investopedia


    The field of economics that studies the behavior of the aggregate economy. Macroeconomics examines economy-wide phenomena such as changes in unemployment, national ...

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    Forex Trading Strategies. A good winning trader is defined by the portfolio of forex strategies known and applied in different situations, considering that a single ...

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    www.bkforex.com/wp-content/.../USDEURTick_111412.pdf · Файл PDF

    EUR/USD Tips and Trading Strategies Kathy Lien www.bkforex.com

  4. Macroeconomics - Investopedia


    Learn everything you need to know about macroeconomics.

  5. Author access redirect support - Cambridge Core


    The link you are trying to access is no longer active. Cambridge Core now offers a more secure way for authors to access and share access to their work. In order for ...

  6. Global macro - Wikipedia


    Global macro is an investment strategy based on the interpretation and prediction of large-scale events related to national economies, history, and international ...

  7. Fundamental Analysis in Trading | Approaches to ...


    FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS. Equities or commodities are valued by their intrinsic strength on an absolute basis, while foreign exchange is valued by the relative strength ...

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    The foreign exchange market (Forex, FX, or currency market) is a global decentralized or over-the-counter (OTC) market for the trading of currencies.

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    Check out my ebook on quant trading where I teach you how to build profitable systematic trading strategies with Python tools, from scratch.

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    New York's leading conference on automated trading, quant, big data in finance and HPC